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Once again I am in a very fed up mood and this one is worse than ever. The reason is the lack of mail. I haven’t had a letter from Evelyn for nearly a month now and for once (though I can hardly believe it myself) I am beginning to doubt if she still loves me as much as ever. I know she doesn’t like writing but a month without a letter is more than I can stand. A soldier out here must have letters from home if he is to survive at all. This Christmas has been pretty poor for everyone but it would have been much brighter for me if I had one or two letters from Evelyn. At the moment i don’t care what happens, for once the girl whom I love with all my heart has let me down.

In the past few weeks I have been at R.E.M.E. workshops for a change and I am expecting to go back to the battery anytime now.

Last week we moved into Catania and we are all billeted in a hotel near the docks. We have plenty of room and the rooms are clean and it is a welcome change from being in tents. We are supposed to be here for a rest but thanks to our O.C. (blast him) we aren’t getting much time off.

Today i got my first decoration, the Africa Star‘. I am wearing the ribbon but will have to wait until after the war before I can get the ‘Star’.

I feel like getting blind drunk but no one will drink with me so i am going to have a go myself when I have written this. If I were back at the battery with Charlie Johnson we would be blindo together because he is more fed up with things than I am.

In spite of this feeling I remembered everyone at Christmas, Gerald especially, bless him, oh for the day when I shall see him again. I hope our little boy is like him.


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