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AFter nearly a week at Agropoli we have moved contrary to my expectations to a place only 8 miles away and close by a Yankee aerodrome. Latest information is that we shall be here for a further three weeks before moving up. We are now part of the Fifth Army comprising Yanks and British troops.

Our journey from Sicily is now completed. The highlights of the journey were first the crossing from Messina to Reggio which was made in the company of fifty or so girl students. They were packed in with the troops and lorries and the whole trip was very pleasant. Second, the mountain pass which we climbed on the third day, what a magnificent view from the top after four hours climbing and what a surprise to see a railway so high up. Third the village of Rivello which looked like something unreal. Perched on the summit of a mountain it reminded me of a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

My impressions of Italy are not too good. The rural people are very backward and live in poverty. They are as hard as nails and their houses are very badly built though they create a good impression from the outside. I think there are  still a great many Fascists in Italy and some of them are not afraid to give one that impression.

At the moment we are billeted in an old bakehouse and the rats are the biggest I have ever seen. The rain still pours down and the sickening mud gets higher and higher. I have had one letter from Evelyn this week, she doesn’t mention anything about our argument though she may see my point of view and all will be saved. I don’t really think my darling will ever let me down like that, she is too sensible and firm and she will never listen to other people if she thinks her own way is best. I love you Evelyn and I am dying to see you and hold you in my arms again.

I am fairly happy here at the moment, more so because there are a few Yorkshire lads here. Jack Taylor from Leeds, Joe Shastall from Leeds, Vic Middlesworth from Skipton, Eric Benson from Stanningley, Monty Bloomsbury from Leeds and Joe Naylor from Horsforth.


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Today we are nearly at Naples at a place called Agropoli which is near;y on the famous beach at Salerno. Today’s run has been again in pouring rain through mountainous country with burned out lorries and soldiers’ graves by the side of the road. Big battles have been fought here and at Battaglia (?) a few miles from here not one building has been left undamaged. There must have been hundreds killed in that town. It is the worst bombed and shelled place I have ever seen. Well here we are up to the knees in mud doomed to stay in this dump for a week before we move up to the front.. God help the infantry in this weather.

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