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Once again Easter has come round, and this being the first Easter I have been separated from my beloved Evelyn. since I first met her, I feel her absence very much and I long more than ever to be with her again. Many happy memories have come flooding back to me during the last day or two and that together with the many letters I have received from my darling wife. Have made me very homesick indeed. I think Evelyn. wants me to become famous in the radio world after the war, and at one time I really believed as she did and thought that I might become a ‘somebody. But now I am not so sure that I do want to make a name for myself and I am hoping that in time Evelyn. will also see my point which is this. Being out here makes one realize that there is only one ambition in a young married man’s life and that is complete and everlasting happiness with his wife. Happiness isn’t found by continually striving after money and position in life. It is only found by people who are contented to live comfortably and securely during their lives. Surely darling if we are able to live comfortably and I can make enough money keep us so we can live and bring our children up in the right atmosphere, maybe in the country, we must be happy. That is all I want now, just complete happiness with you darling and non of this straining and striving for something which when you get it only makes you want something more.

I think that I can say now that I have experienced life, and if I am to profit by my experience I must do what my experience tells me to do and that is to put our own happiness first before anything else. I know that I love my wife more than ever a man has loved a woman before, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make her the happiest girl in the world. I feel sure that she will agree with me because I know that she wants us to be happy just as much as I do.


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