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It is just a month today that I landed in Sicily and since last writing here I have moved with the battery about 20 miles from Catania which during the past few days has fallen. Everything seems to be going very well and it shouldn’t be long before the Germans evacuate the island.

Our present gun site is not as good as the last one, there is no cover and all around are R.A.F. dumps of bombs and petrol, heaven knows what would happen if a bomb hit one of those dumps. We are defending the port of Augusta so naturally we are quite close to the sea. For the first few days and nights there was little or no action but now that the moon is coming up action is here in plenty. Last night in particular was a real fireworks display. About 20 bombers came over and for about an hour it was ‘Hell let loose’, bombs were dropping close to the ships some of them very close to us, shells were bursting thro’ the air, tracer bullets were everywhere and the whole harbour was floodlit by the flares dropped by the Jerries. I saw two planes brought down thanks to our own Radio Location, one of them was pretty ghastly. I heard the plane screaming down and thought it was going to attack us but just as I though it was all up with us a terrific crash and flash from the plane as it hit the earth about half a mile away and if the pilot was still in it I hope he had a quick death.

I have talked with one or two families here and I am surprised to see how friendly they are towards us. They are people much like us, peace loving and I am sure they dis not want war. They are mostly Roman Catholics and dislike Mussolini intensely. It is almost funny to see them scuttling like rabbits every time a gun goes off but it is also tragic to see the older people having to run for their lives too.

Letters from my darling Evelyn are very few mainly because the postal service isn’t in fiull swing yet but nevertheless I am loving her more than ever. I pray for us that we might be together again soon so that I can try to realise my ambition of making her the happiest wife in the world.


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Once again I have got that fed up browned off homesick feeling and it seems to be lingering longer this time. I am still here on the same site at Augusta and it now looks as though we are here for the winter. I should feel much happier if we were with the main army in Italy, they have left us behind for some reason or another though we may go up as relief troops. I hope so.

I had a day’s leave in Catania last week but there isn’t much to do or see there, the place has certainly been knocked about a bit. The ‘plains of Catania’ where the great battle took place is littered with graves and burned out equipment. It is here tha so many gallant Englishmen lost their lives. The other week I saw Gracie Fields in Augusta, she had come from England to sing to the troops and she was magnificent.

The weather here has turned most foul. It pours down with ┬árain every day and the ground is a sea of mud, it is a good thing we got under canvass in time. I have a small ‘bivvy’ to myself and I have rigged up electric light and built myself a two valve receiver which picks up the BBC quite well. I am fairly comfortable inside and at night it looks quite cheerful with the lights on. My bed is made of bamboo canes so it is very springy.

During the day I am fully occupied with one job or another. I am getting some good practical experience of wireless and it will be very useful after the war.

Mail is coming in slow and sometimes I think Evelyn has forgotten me but I know she hasn’t.She must be fed up to the teeth with all this waiting and I know how she must feel. I love her more every day and no matter what happens nothing can ever change my deepest adoration and love for her.

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