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It is just about a month since I wrote last, and from an army point of view it has been a month of confusion and panic. Now that an invasion of Europe is thought to be imminent, everyone in the unit is wondering what sort of a place we are going to take in it. For security reasons I can’t write any more but in any case it is all very dull and dreary.

Just lately I have been doing some regular bathing in the Med. The water is quite warm though very salty and as a result of much sun bathing on the beach I am red all over. Things have been much the same each day though last Monday when the battery was at camp I had a trip to Tel Aviv and enjoyed it immensely.

Most of our kit has been withdrawn including our kit bags, ground sheets, battle-dress and woollen underclothes. We have only got our webbing equipment left and as a result we are fully mobile. I hope to keep quite a bit of my personal kit in my tool chest which travels with me on the ‘set’. It was a real laugh to watch fussy Wilfred Titterton and Frank Keeling parting with all their many personal belongings and travel treasures. Any one watching them would have thought that they were witnessing a baby being taken away from its mother judging by the fuss they made. I shall always remember Frank for his coolness and his total disregard for the army and everything connected with it.

The mail is coming thro’ much quicker here and I am receiving regular mail from Evelyn. Our first wedding anniversary was on May 21st and though I didn’t celebrate it in any way I am making a note of it for after the war. I sent a telegram to Evelyn. and also received one from her. I have thought of her more than ever just lately, perhaps it is because I love her more now than ever before and I am wanting her very much. In her last two letters she says how much she wants our first baby. I know I want it just as much as she and when it comes it will grow up to be almost perfect. One thing I want to be sure about, I want to be in a good position to give our baby everything it needs to make it perfect and with Evelyn’s help I know I can do it. This entry I am writing while I am on guard and all the camp is sleeping.


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