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This being the last evening of the old year I feel that I should write a few lines on things in general.

I am still stationed at Qum in the middle of the Persian Desert and nothing much has happened since I last wrote, except of course that I have spent my first Christmas over-seas here. Christmas turned out to be much better than I had anticipated. We were given two whole days off to make merry ourselves. Christmas day was excellent, the meals were marvellous under the circumstances. Once again I tasted palm and plum pudding, and I had apples, oranges and nuts galore. On Xmas eve I went to see my first picture since I left Egypt, in Qum. Afterwards we had a little celebration in the tent and I managed to get ‘merry’. We had a party in our tent on Christmas night and between the seven of us we drank about 70 bottles of beer and six bottles of wine. Also we had a taste of the famous Vodka which has a reputation of putting the best drinker out for the count. I can well believe it.

And now Christmas 1942 is over and we are on the eve of 1943. Christmas and tonight has made me think of home and Evelyn. more than ever, and I am hoping and praying with all my heart that I shall be home again next year. I realise that up to the present I have been very lucky to keep out of any action and I shall be perfectly satisfied if I don’t see any at all because I want to go back in one piece to Evelyn. Here’s hoping for a victorious new year and a happy reunion of every soldier to his family.

    A happy new year darling. I am still in love with you more than ever.

The weather during the past week has been very cold and snow has fallen to a depth of two or three inches. I am still fairly happy here now that I have got my wireless to play with, and as ling as I can get plenty of letters from Evelyn. I shall be satisfied.

I must add before I close that there is a possibility of leave to Teheran starting in about 10 days. Teheran was the scene of riots against British troops a week or two ago and four British soldiers were killed. The Persians were under the impression (thanks to the fifth columnists) that the British troops were taking all the bread in the country to feed themselves, and so they rioted in a few of the large towns. This was all wrong and to satisfy them the government has given them a present of a few thousand bushels of wheat.


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