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This week has been one of the most satisfactory I have spent since I have been out here. At long last the equipment has arrived after many months of waiting and wondering if it really would come. I am much happier now that I have got something to occupy my mind. I am quite willing to work 24 hours a day on radio if necessary. In fact the more I have to do the better I shall like it.

This month I have applied for a commission as radio officer in the R.E.M.E. I was recommended by the radio officer Mr Hill after an interview, and yesterday I went for an interview with the colonel. He reminded me that I should have had one stripe at least six months before I could apply and as I haven’t got a stripe he is going to see Captain Maysey (?) about it. So now I am anxiously awaiting further developments which I hope will take place before very long.

It is now a month since I have received any regular mail from Evelyn. I had an air-graph from her last week and since then I have waited in vain for another one. Today I have had a great longing for my darling one, all my happiest thoughts have come back to me and I love her more than ever before. I have our photograph on my bench all the time and every time I look at her I realise that she is the loveliest and most inspiring girl in the world. God bless you sweetheart and may he bring us together again very soon.


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