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It is now quite a few weeks since I last wrote in this diary. There really hasn’t been much to write about, life has been so static lately. However just recently I have been on leave and that has given me much to write about.

First I must mention that up to a few days ago I hadn’t heard from Evelyn. for about three weeks and consequently I have been thoroughly browned off but all that has changed now and I have received some very thrilling letters from her which have made me love her more than ever if that is possible.

The weather just lately has been very bad indeed. We have had quite a bit of snow and now the rainy season has started and the rain comes down in torrents, driven along by a terrific wind. I hope this kind of weather doesn’t last long.

Well I have had four very good days leave in Teheran the capital of this desolate country. I took with me over 2000 Rials which is about £17 in English money. I spent most of it but over 900 Rials I spent on presents for Evelyn. and the family. I bought Evelyn. a bracelet mounted on silver and mother-of-pearl. I hope she likes it. The price was terrific, 290 Rials.

Most of the time I was eating at the various cafes and what a grand change it was to eat some real good food after the stuff we have been having. In the evenings we went to one of the cafes where there was a cabaret show and spent the time there sampling all the famous wines and spirits, including such famous drinks as Russian Vodka, Cognac, Cherry Brandy and Red Wine. I never got really drunk but I was very near to it. The chaps who did get drunk, and there were many of them, were taken back to camp in a lorry which was specially sent out to collect the drunken ones. As usual in these big eastern cities vice and prostitution was rampant. At a rough guess I should think that 25% of the women, mostly Polish, were prostitutes. Thank god I kept well away from such creatures.

There were quite a few Russian and American soldiers in Teheran and in my opinion they seem quite decent people, especially the Russians who were very quiet.

As far as Teheran itself, it was about the size of Leeds and quite the most westernized city I have seen out east, though of course it isn’t a patch on Durban. The citizens are very mixed, right from the usual dirty disease ridden beggars to the more civilized Persians who live in Teheran and district. Quite a large proportion of the population are Poles and Russians and altogether they are a queer mixture of people. The streets and shops are quite modern, traffic lights included but the traffic is much too noisy. The drivers of private cars seem to take a special delight in sounding the hooter as loud and as often as possible. All this is very interesting indeed, but what wouldn’t I give to see some real green fields and tall trees again.

On the way back in the lorry I saw a curious thing, an eagle. It was huge thing about 4 ft. high and it looked a ghastly sight.

There has been an outbreak of Typhus and Diphtheria and everyone is taking the utmost precautions against those dreaded diseases

Stanley has written at last after another spell of Malaria in hospital. Poor old Stan. I hope that was your last time in hospital.


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