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Still here in Foggia and more fed up than ever of this very static existence, the only ray of sunshine is the many happy hours I am spending just now with the family of the Sicilian whom I have known for some time now.  I have just spent a very pleasant weekend with them and being with them has made me feel more cheery although at the same time more homesick.  His name is Nino Gitto. Peter and I intend to write to him after the war. His wife is very charming and works very hard besides looking after their three children. Yesterday Phil Banks  and I visited the house of Nino’s sister to repair their radiogram and fortunately it turned out to be a very simple job.  There were four of us in the party Nino, Salvatore his brother Phil and myself.  We rode all the way in Nino’s horse drawn cab and it was a very pleasant ride too down the Bari road to Foggia.  Of course we were drinking vino and some spirit all the time. Back at Nino’s house in the evening we had a good chat and drank lots of wine until we were all quite merry. My Italian is coming on quite well and I can easily make myself understood as well as understanding what they say.  Yes they are a real good family and I simply love their three children Maria aged seven, Guiseppi  aged five and little Helena aged three.


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