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Once again the unexpected has happened. I thought we were going to stay in this location for some months but now we are about to move again in about another 12 days or so. I think this time we are going nearer to the capital of Iran, Teheran which is about 333 miles from here.

Last week was a very good week for mail. I must have had at least eight including the long awaited photographs and two letters from Evelyn’s mother. The photograph is lovely and my darling looks so lovely and beautiful. I could kiss her photograph which is placed before me as I write this. Never did I think that she had such lovely eyes and hair, even now they are smiling at me from the photo. More than ever she must be happy and by heaven she will be after the war.

This morning I went for a ride into the nearby town of Kermashan.
(“Kermashan My Sweet Town” is a song by legendary Kurdish singer,Hassan Zirak. Located in the Eastern Kurdistan,historic Kermashan is one of the most populated Kurdish cities in greater Kurdistan.)

It is much the same as any other town, dirty streets and shops though in this one there are one or two quite decent ones. I tried to get a frame for our photograph but was unsuccessful. Everything is so very dear. There are 128 Iranian Rials to an English pound and these don’t go very far when such articles as bottles of ink cost 10 Rials, and paraffin stoves 250 Rials. Such fruits as walnuts, grapes, apples, pears, plums and radishes are plentiful and I make full use of this fact. Eggs are also fairly cheap and we get a fair amount of these.

Last week I had a letter from home written by Gerald. though it was obvious that my mother was behind it and I am glad because this may mean that she is coming round to my way of thinking and that is all I want. I replied with an air-graph and I shall probably send another later. Roland. and Frank. (10) are both doing well and I wish them more success and luck than I am having.


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