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It seems that this weekend has been the most successful weekend of my service in the army. First of all, yesterday I was given two stripes making me a corporal with pay. I was so pleased that last night I hardly slept a wink thinking about it. I must say though that I think it about time my services were recognised after over three years in the army, because since I have been made radio mechanic I have tried my level best to get promotion. Major Pratten is a real gentleman and I feel that I owe my success to him. I haven’t written and told Evelyn. yet. When she hears about it she will be extremely pleased. I know because she knows that I have been after promotion for a long time. The extra pay will come in very handy for our new home. I don’t know what the exact amount is yet but I shall very soon get to know.

Another ambition of mine was realised this afternoon when for the first time I played football for the battery against 307 battery. I scored two goals in a 3-3 draw at home. I am hoping for more matches in the near future.

The leave to Teheran hasn’t materialised yet though there are rumours that it is about to start any day. The weather is better just now and it has been quite warm during the past day or two.


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