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As I expected we soon moved from Paestum near Salerno and we are now at Foggia almost on the Eastern coast of Italy. We are quite near the front so at regular intervals we can hear the artillery firing on enemy positions probably near Cassino where the battle has been going on for weeks. The weather is clearing up at last and the American and Royal Air Force are taking full advantage of the fact. Every day we see hundreds of Flying Fortresses and Wellingtons flying to the front.

We are billeted in a (unclear) much bombed and disused paper mill. There isn’t much comfort of course but we have got a roof and four walls which is more than some soldiers have got. This is our third place in Foggia having had to move from the other two billets.

Foggia itself is not much to look at though no doubt it was a fair city in peacetime. It is now much bombed, dirty drab and full of typhus & VD. A few canteens and a couple of cinemas provide our only entertainment. We go to the baths once a week which are run by the Yanks and they are quite good.

The city is situated in the centre of a wide plain which leaves the mountains about 15 miles inland and stretches down to the sea. It is very fertile and soil around here and much of the land is cultivated. The remainder is used for the many aerodromes which are all around here.

I have had quite a few letters from my darling this weeks and after what she says about the way she is saving up for us I can’t be mad with her any more. I do trust her though I was afraid that she may have been talked into doing things she didn’t want to do. She is very sensible and I know that I can leave everything to her. Tonight I have just been outside and again I have noticed the Plough in the sky. Many times we have looked at that group in the sky in each others arms and it always reminds me of the lovely little girl I have left behind and whom I hope to see this year.


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Today we are nearly at Naples at a place called Agropoli which is near;y on the famous beach at Salerno. Today’s run has been again in pouring rain through mountainous country with burned out lorries and soldiers’ graves by the side of the road. Big battles have been fought here and at Battaglia (?) a few miles from here not one building has been left undamaged. There must have been hundreds killed in that town. It is the worst bombed and shelled place I have ever seen. Well here we are up to the knees in mud doomed to stay in this dump for a week before we move up to the front.. God help the infantry in this weather.

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