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Well we set sail on the greatest adventure of our lives last Sunday morning and tonight as I write this on ‘A’ deck on board HMT Andes I am roughly about 1000 miles from dear old England. During the first day (Sunday) the sea was very calm but on Monday and yesterday it was very choppy and many of the men were very seasick. Fortunately I have not been too bad though I have had slight spasms of headache. Today the sea is calm again and all day we have been running in and out of mist which just now has reduced visibility to about 100 yards.

The convoy is fairly large about 20 ships in all including an aircraft carrier, battleship and about a dozen destroyers it is a very impressive sight indeed. The Atlantic is very awe-inspiring and the green patches of salt which can be seen as each wave breaks is a very interesting sight. It is quite easy to tell that we are getting further and further away from England because the BBC programme get fainter as each day passes.

Now that I have settled down a bit the situation isn’t quite as bad as it first appeared though it is still pretty bad. The food is very good indeed. I have seldom tasted better in the army except perhaps at Brighton, and there are two big canteens where there is an unlimited supply of things to eat such as chocolate (milk) biscuits, toffee and large tins of fruit. The living conditions are still poor. For example at least 180 men have to wash in 5 wash basins. There is plenty of ventilation however and we are on the decks nearly all day doing nothing except a bit of PT (2). and the rest of the time sitting down resting. The weather is still dull and as we are now going south it’s about time we ran into some real sunshine. So far we have done about 1100 miles.

I am not worrying about Evelyn. and home very much because everybody is so cheerful and it really is very catching. Nevertheless I am constantly thinking of my darling wife, and as we get further and further from England I love her more and more. I wonder what she is doing at the moment (7.35 PM). There is a rumour that we shall be anchoring off Sierra Leone in about a week’s time so I might get a letter from her then and perhaps I shall be able to post some to her. I wonder if she is getting my allowance yet.


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