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For the fourth time in my army career I am on board ship, this time on a poor imitation of a Mediterranean cruise. I left Palestine very quickly about 10 days ago together with the GL [11] lads and arrived at Alexandria two days later after crossing the Sinai desert and the Suez canal.

We were dumped at a transit camp for a day or two and then along with the equipment we were sent to base workshops to be waterproofed. Two days later the equipment and us were aboard LST 417 [12] sailing in convoy for Tripoli and that is where I am at this moment. The accommodation for the few troops on board is very good. We all have a good bunk each and the food is excellent and life is very easy though highly dangerous as there are continuous watches for U-boats, aircraft and mines. Where we go from Tripoli no one knows but it is fairly certain that the next time we land will be in Europe so here’s to the future.


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